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Theme Your Frontier! T-shirt design contest

Tecumseh Chamber of commerce is hosting a t-shirt design contest for our community. The winning design will be the new t-shirt and theme idea for our upcoming Frontier Days city-wide festival. Contest is open to anyone in the local Tecumseh and surrounding areas. We are looking for the top 3 creative designs that showcase the “Tecumseh Community” best. Designs will need to include a "Theme" idea that you would like to see installed as the upcoming Frontier Days theme. Be as free as you want with the design; however, you will be judged by the following categories:

Appearance- visually appealing, good use of lines, shapes and colors or photographic angles.

Message- visual or textual message and impact

Creativity- original work only absolutely no trademarks, no branding, no logos, no copyrighted materials, no phone numbers, no websites, business addresses etc., and absolutely no copying of others work. Creative common licensed materials are allowed to be included in the design, but must be a portion or part of the work and not a full submission for entry. Creative commons license portions of your design must be thoroughly explained in writing, and we must be able to prove and trace back the clearly published license.

Marketability- attraction to the community to purchase the design on a t-shirt before and during Frontier Days.

Completeness- the design must be ready for print or vinyl and be complete.

Only 1 winner will be selected. The winner of the contest will receive a set of Apple Airpods courtesy of Vyve Broadband and $200 cash. Each entrant can submit as many designs as they wish, but must fill out a new entry application for each design.

 Deadline for submission is May 2nd, 2022 by 3pm. The winners will be contacted and announced by no later than June 1st, 2022.

FORMAT: Designs should have a 300 dpi resolution for quality output. Acceptable files are high resolution jpg, TIFF, AI, PNG or EPS files. The design must be no greater than 14x17in., as it will be printed or applied to the front of the shirt only. No back of shirt or wrap designs will be considered. Your file size submission cannot exceed 20MB.

Your design must have an accompanied statement explaining the motives behind your design, your inspiration, what design concepts and portions of the design are 100% originally yours, and what portions of the design are under the Creative Commons license, and resource links for us to check that information. You must also include a photo of yourself to be used publicly in our announcements. You will be required to submit your full name, age, email address, phone number, and mailing address. If you are under 18, please be sure your parents will be able to sign a release form on your behalf before receiving your winning prize. Theme titles should be included in your submission form.

Judges will be the appointed by the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce board of directors and staff, and they will act as final judges and say in the designs chosen. Please note that the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to make final adjustments to their chosen winning designs before print and production. The Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce also has the right to select an alternate winner for any winner who choses to forfeit their winnings as a result to one of the following:

                        Winner fails to respond within 7 business days of notification process.

                        The return of email, phone call or all attempts are undeliverable.

                        Winner fails to provide all design files.

                        Winner fails to execute and return a release form.

                        Winner doesn’t meet all eligibility and requirements.

 Additional questions can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by filling out our online contact form.

The Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to conduct a background check of any and all records of the winner. The Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce has a right to disqualify a winner due to misconduct, abuse, threats, or negativity. They can also be disqualified by having a reputation or image that strongly conflicts with the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce, their sponsors, members or other parties involved in producing this campaign.

Publicity and Entrant Information. By participating in the Contest, entrants consent to the use of name, address, email address, postal code, telephone number, social media handle(s), comments and image, whether on videotape, photograph or any other means, for the administration of the Contest or any publicity carried out by the Sponsor, without further notice or compensation. You are also registering to this site and agreeing to having your information stored on website.

Ownership: By entering this contest, you give the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce exclusive rights to reproduce your design. The Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce maintains the right to collect proceeds from the sale of any merchandise using the winning submitted design, without additional compensation beyond prize money due to contestant. Designs will be credited to the artist in all promotions relevant to the artwork. Upon official winning announcement you will clearly be recognized as the original artist and winner of the contest in both print and digital formats on both the website and social media outlets such as our Facebook and Instagram pages and any other public announcements the Tecumseh Chamber wishes to display the information.







Last year's winning designs by artist Lizzy Brady of Tecumseh. Theme "Better Together."