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Please enter an email address that may be publicly displayed for members to contact you with questions.

Please upload a photo to accompany your biography.

A photo will be placed online on our website alongside your biography. This will help the membership make an educated decision on their election ballots. If you choose to not send a photo, it could potentially lead to less votes than other candidates who may choose to submit an image. You may send your photo by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in place of uploading it here. If you need assistance, please make an appointment to have your picture taken.

Which chamber member company/organization are you associated with?
How long have you or your organization been a Tecumseh Chamber Member?
Job title or role within the organization.
Have you ever served on the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors in the past?
How many 3-4 year terms have you served?
What year or years did you serve?
Please tell the membership why you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors.

Please include why you believe you can contribute to the success or growth of the chamber in relation to your skills, education, and industry.

Please select any and all education and skills you can contribute to the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce.

Please select at least one. Please type additional skills you wish to add.

Have you ever served on any Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce Committees?
Please select any and all committees or events you have helped with in the past.

Feel free to use the custom answer box to let us know other things you have helped the chamber with.

Please give a brief but accurate description of your organization/company's business, products and services.

This information will be issued with any press releases and displayed online for public view. Please be brief and descriptive but accurate.

Please list ANY & ALL previous experience you have serving on boards other than the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce.

Skip if this doesn't pertain to you.

Please list ANY & ALL boards you are currently serving on.
Please give us a biography to share your background, interests, hobbies, and other fun information the membership should know about you.
How many hours per month are you willing to dedicate to the chamber?

Please select an estimated time range of hours you are able to commit to your board duties. Use the custom answer textbox if you need.

Do you agree to complete or make arrangements to complete your new board orientation?
Do you agree to make every effort to attend the strategic planning session/board retreat for the upcoming year?
Have you read through the requirements and expectations expected in order to serve on the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors?

Read roles of the Board of Directors acting as a group: BOD Roles - Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce

Read purpose and expectations of serving on the Board of Directors as an individual: Individual BOD - Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce

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