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 Our chamber raises funds through hosting events, sponsorships, donations, and membership dues. On occassion we sell chances at raffles and t-shirts. As with any business, we must make money to pay for our expenses. We are now offering digital advertising space and newsletter sponsorship. We hope to raise enough money to continue to keep our website well maintained, up to date, relevant, and valuable to our members. Thank you to all our investors who see and appreciate the value we strive to create. All investments made by your business are much appreciated by the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce staff and Board of Directors.

Thank you for considering the option to purchase a digital ad space or newsletter sponsorship package. Your investment is not only a good investment for your business, but good for others. As with any of your investments in the Tecumseh Chamber, you are continuing to fuel funds that allow us to do good things within our community. Our Board of Directors are hard at work to make sure your money is getting put to good use and creating a strong economic environment within Tecumseh. Learn more about our chamber, who we are, what we do, and what direction we hope to grow by visiting our "About the Chamber" page.


Website Digital Ad Space Availaible


 Sample Ads Sizes in Pixels Qty. Available/Sold

Cost per year Jan.1 -Dec. 31st

(Pro-rated as needed)

Email blasts bonus
   1024x150 1 $500

3 per year

($300 value)

   1024x150 1 $500

3 per year

($300 value)

  300x300px  4 $250

2 per year

($200 value)


Email Digital Ad Space/Sponsors Availaible

 Sample Sponsorship Ad Sizes  Sizes in Pixels Qty. Available

Cost per year Jan. 1-Dec. 31st

(Pro-rated as needed)

Email blast bonus
 Newsletter Monthly Sponsor  1024x150 1 $500

3 per year

($300 value)

 Supporting Sponsors (Logos Only)

 150x150  Unlimited  $250

1 per year

($100 value)

If your company needs assistance designing an ad, our chamber is here to help. Ad design starts at $25. Ask us how we can help you get noticed.


Email blasts A.K.A. Eblasts

Email blasts are beneficial for businesses to share their message directly with the Membership and the chamber's newsletter followers. Your business may be launching a new product, opening a new location, hosting a community event, or simply wanting to send out an extension of their services to the other businesses and the community. Sending them an eblast can help create awareness for your message you wish to convey.

Your email blasts will be reasonably sized and placed within our monthly newsletter and sent to all our followers. An email blast will simply be a section within the newsletter containing, an image, a brief description and a link to learn more. The link can be linked to an external website page, full pdf, social, event information, or we can host a page/pdf on our website for your behalf. Information and imagery must be sent 2 weeks prior to the newsletter being sent. Design services and content creation services available starting at $25 and up. We also can refer you to a design member on our chamber list.

Single eblasts outside any sponsorship or membership package will cost an additional $100.


If you are intersted in purchasing a digital ad space, newsletter sponsorship package, or eblast, please use our "Contact Us" online form or contact our office at 405-598-8666.